Chattertown Recommends…

We love We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. It can be read to little ones from around 6 months and is fab for developing early language skills. From 18 months onwards toddlers love joining in on the repeated phrases. As you read the story, leave a gap on a key word or a word which you know your child understands and soon they will be filling them in! It’s also great for teaching the prepositions, over, under, through, up and down and various action and sound words.

For those parents with more active toddlers, it’s also great to use as a physical game. Pretend play is a really important way to fire the imagination and develop early language. You and your little one can ‘stumble trip’ through the forest and ‘tiptoe’ through the cave, repeating the key phrases throughout. In no time your 1-2 year old will be copying the phrases too, allowing them to describe their actions as they play.

We also love the picture card game, which has been designed as a matching game for 3+, but can be used for much younger children to recount the story using the illustrations or simply to describe the image for 18 months onwards.

Do you share this book with your little one?  Let us know or share your recommendations!

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